3 Myths That Stop People From Playing Mahjong Solitaire?

3 Myths That Stop People From Playing Mahjong Solitaire?

Mahjong is a popular game played throughout Asia and around the world, but many people who do not know how to play Mahjong solitaire may find the game mysterious and intimidating. People may not understand the signs and symbols on the mahjong tiles or the overall rules of the game.

There are several myths about mahjong solitaire that unfortunately hold people back from learning to play mahjong. And that's too bad - because Mahjong Solitaire is a wonderful, fun, complete game that's easy to learn and fun for everyone!

Here are some of the biggest myths surrounding Mahjong solitaire:

Myth: You have to know Chinese to play Mahjong

Although some of the Mahjong tiles have Chinese characters on them (the Chinese written characters for the numbers 1 through 9), most of the game of Mahjong does not involve any Chinese language. You neither need to be able to speak Chinese nor to be able to read to play Mahjong.

It's true that having a basic understanding of Chinese can help you in the game, but it's not a requirement at all. With a little practice, you will probably start to notice the differences between the different Chinese numbers and it will become easier for you to match the different pairs.

Myth: Mahjong has complicated rules

Mahjong solitaire has many different tiles, but the rules of the game are extremely simple. All that is required of you is to remove the tiles, two at a time, concentrating on the top and outer tiles of the solitaire. After a few games, you'll quickly figure out which tiles qualify and get used to removing the "correct" tiles.

Myth: Mahjong requires deep strategic thinking – you need the mind of a grandmaster to play Mahjong

Mahjong has elements of strategy and luck, but don't think you're not smart enough to play Mahjong! People from all professions, with different interests and different mindsets can be successful in Mahjong games. Don't think Mahjong is only for extreme introverts, intellectuals or master strategists. Yes, some people play Mahjong because they love the mental challenge and strive for a better time, but many other people enjoy the fun of matching tiles and bringing order to the game board.

Hopefully none of these mahjong myths are holding you back from learning how to play mahjong, but if they are, we hope you’ll give this great game another chance! Mahjong offers you many hours of fun, stimulation and entertainment.