4 Reasons to Play Mahjong Every Day

4 Reasons to Play Mahjong Every Day

Mahjong is a popular game of skill and luck that originated in China, but to date has enjoyed worldwide success. Many players love the thrill that comes from successfully solving a Mahjong puzzle. Besides the fun of the game, there are many other reasons to add Mahjong to your daily activities.

Here are a few reasons why Mahjong can help you in your daily life if you play it every day:

Mahjong helps you relax

Playing Mahjong is a relaxing activity that helps you focus on a specific problem and gradually solve the problem by removing tiles from the board. Mahjong is a fun puzzle game because it allows you to bring order to an unfamiliar situation - the mystery of the tiles is gradually revealed as you match and remove tiles two by two from the mahjong layout.

Mahjong can improve cognitive function

Mahjong is recommended by some scientists and researchers as a "brain game" that helps improve cognitive functions. The science isn't conclusive, and we're not claiming that Mahjong certainly serves as a "brain enhancer" on the level of certain drugs, vitamins, or foods, but Mahjong can definitely improve your problem-solving skills by helping you focus your thought process and improve your sense of strategy and visual acuity. Playing Mahjong every day will help you recognize the Mahjong tiles more easily - you will start to recognize certain Chinese characters for numbers (because some of the tiles depict the characters for the numbers 1 to 9). You'll improve your ability to make quick decisions about multiple issues in the game - which part to focus on, how many moves you'll open up by removing one pair instead of another pair, and so on. Getting better and smarter while playing Mahjong is good for your brain and definitely a more active pastime than watching TV.

Mahjong takes your mind off your problems with “productive procrastination”

If you're working on something important, whether it's work or study related, it's often helpful to take small breaks while you work. Some recent research shows that procrastinating a problem can help improve productivity if done correctly. When you are working or doing homework, you can take 10-15 minute breaks in the middle of your activities and devote your mind to another stimulating activity, such as playing Mahjong, that is in no way related to the task at hand - this allows you after the game is over, return to your workflow with a whole new fresh look.

Mahjong can help you stay healthy longer

Many Asian countries, such as Japan and Hong Kong, have some of the longest life expectancy estimates, and some researchers believe that playing Mahjong also helps people live so long in those places. Due to the fact that Mahjong is a mentally stimulating game, scientists believe that it can help prevent the onset of dementia as we age.

Whatever your reasons for playing Mahjong, we hope you find it an enjoyable and rewarding experience to keep playing every day.